Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting with Grandpa 6-13-2010

Grandpa was in town for a conference. Kayla went to visit him at the Hyatt Regency - wow is that place ever GORGEOUS!!!!!! She also made sure everyone was wearing a "soccer cone" hat.

Shooting with Uncle Landon 6-12-2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010


At 17 months, Kayla is talking up a storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the words she says on a constant basis - mom, dad, amanda, jacob, mamma, mampa, up, out, please, thank you , welcome, too, again, ostrich, elephant, dog, cat, fish, cheese, jayden, talor, juice, cracker, poop, wet, all done, all gone, itsy bitsy, spider, wash, m&m, dustin, anthony, jason, bra (brandee), off, bath, diaper, ba ba (barney), bop (baby bop), go, cassie, go (george), hot, pool, where is she, hush, cookie, baba (bottle), ouch, button, belly button, butterfly, balloon, lotion, toes, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheek, head, pen, towel, exercise, ice cream, banana, apple, chip, slide, shhhh, teeth, wa wa (water), drink, shoes........

Her Favorite Sister

Amanda takes such good care of Kayla..... It was nap time so Amanda made sure she was comfortable and put in the Barney movie..... Kayla's favorite.


Kayla's favorite songs to sing are "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Thumbkin". She does it soooooo cute it doesn't bother you to sing it over and over and over

Keeping Busy During Sports Practice

Kayla's brother and sister are spending a LOT of time at sports' practices this summer. Kayla has figured out how to keep busy while they are waiting.......